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Modern British Furniture, Crafted From the Urban Forest

I design and make bespoke furniture using the most spectacular British timber.

I use material that is utterly compelling, and source locally, with most of my timber coming from the streets and parks of London and the South-East.

It is increasingly hard to discern the connection between the products we buy and how and where they were made. My furniture is made with local material, designed and built in my London workshop.


Unique Materials

My timber doesn't come from traditional timber yards. I search extensively to find trees that originated in our streets, parks, gardens and woodlands.

This gives me a unique material with more character than commercially grown timber, which is nurtured to grow straight and clean to maximise yield and profit. This makes sense commercially, but it leaves little room for surprises.

My timber may be harder to source and less efficient, but it is much more memorable.

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Furniture With Provenance

Sourcing locally means I know where the timber I use originated. This allows me to create furniture with real provenance, imparting a relationship between a piece and the tree in its original life.

In many cases I can trace a piece back to the street or park where the tree stood. I find this connection reassuring, and means each piece is imbued with a narrative of the material's journey.

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Trees have a natural life; we seek out those felled due to illness, age or weather, and give them new life as beautiful furniture.

I take pride in saving this wonderful resource from being chipped, creating fine objects that will last generations.

I have established relationships with arborists, developers, independent merchants and park managers that allows me to source most of my timber this way.

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Celebrating British Timber

Where it is not possible to source locally, I use only certified British timber from trusted suppliers.

I do not use tropical or exotic species as we believe that native species offer more than enough beauty and practicality. I also strive to keep my environmental impact as small as possible, and importing timber of uncertain provenance does not fit with this.

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Our Design Ethos

I’m drawn to modernist proportions, and favour clean, simple designs. I aim to create compelling designs based on harmonious proportions and restrained use of materials. An understated form also allows the material to shine, which is important when dealing with character timbers.

My furniture is designed to be quietly but undeniably elegant. I aim for my work to sit seamlessly in your home, yet to command attention in its details.

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Robert Brain

After more than a decade as a cabinet maker creating bespoke interiors for luxury London residences, Robert Brain founded RHMB in 2017 to create captivating furniture, crafted from the urban forest.

Combining his background as a Philosophy graduate with his experience in the luxury interiors market, Robert brings a meticulous and thoughtful approach to the design and construction of each piece.